About us

Masters Of Audio was founded by audio fanatics sharing multiple decades of friendship and experience in the personal audio business. When we saw what kind of evolution the market has been undergoing these last years and how many great products on the market are unknown to the broad public, we were convinced we could spread the word better. Masters Of Audio was born!

Masters Of Audio’s goal is to bring you the finest selection of audio products available on the market. However, we won’t just sell anything. We only supply quality gear, extensively tested, until it gets our stamp of approval.

Not only do we want to offer you great gear, we also want to strongly focus on gear which - up to now - hasn’t been easy to get hold of in Europe. Think about “Chi-Fi”, “CIEM”, “DAC”, “DAP”,  and other exotic brands you could only read about on international websites. 

You don’t need to worry anymore about buying abroad: we make things convenient for you. EU stock, extensive knowledge of every model we offer, two-year minimum warranty and real people - near you - to answer all your inquiries.

Customer satisfaction is one of our utmost priorities. Whether it’s before or after your order, we’ll be there to offer you the best possible service. A one-on-one approach, to make sure you get the best possible gear for your use, musical taste and budget. Always!

We are doing our best to select the finest brands, but sometimes some brands could fly under our radar. If it’s great-sounding and you think we should sell it, we will make sure you can get it! If we don’t cover your favorite brand yet, just email us at hello@mastersofaudio.com and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

Masters of Audio is established and registered in France. True to our roots, almost all our products are shipped from Paris with free shipping in France and all the surrounding countries. That being said, if you’re somewhere else in Europe or even in another part of the world, we will get your order to you, as fast as we can.

To keep up to date with the latest gear, keep an eye on our social media channels: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

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