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Model: Chord Dave
Finish: Black anodized aluminum - Silver anodized aluminum
DAC Chip: Custom FPGA DAC - 164,000 Taps
Headphone Amp: A-Class amp - supports up to 800ohms headphones
Sample rates supported: PCM 16-bit / 24-bit / 32-bit, up to 768kHz - DSD up to DSD512
Native Resolution: up to 32-bit / 768kHz in USB, Coaxial and BNC - up to 96kHz in Toslink, XLR
Inputs: Coaxial / Toslink / BNC / XLR (AES/EBU)
Outputs: 1x 6.35mm headphones outputs - RCA - XLR
Output voltage: 3.0V (Line Level) - 154mW@300ohms / 1400mW@33ohms
THD / Dynamic range: 0.0001% / 127.5dB
Dimensions: 78mm H x 335mm W x 152mm L - 5kg



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